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» » » Book AMX-30 the epic of a French tank Editions CANY

Book AMX-30 the epic of a French tank Editions CANY

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Book on the AMX-30, the epic of a French tank by Editions CANY by M.P. ROBINSON AND J.CANY - Book published in 2014 in Italian A4 format with 200 pages in French.

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Book AMX-30 the epic of a French tank

Summary :
Why a book on the AMX 30? Many of us grew up during the Cold War, and a number of us served in the military during the same period. In France, one of the most important arms manufacturers of this period was DEFA (which became DTAT, and then GIAT). This important national company gave birth to the AMX-30, an original tank design, in comparison to the heavier armored vehicles produced by the Anglo-Saxons. The 30 ton was the battle tank most used by thousands of young French people during their military service. It represented a significant effort at all levels, the manufacturer having a large number of factories located in several regions. The crews of this armored vehicle, young conscripts and committed soldiers, from all over France, served it for more than 40 years. The AMX 30 represents for us, the authors of this book, a technical success on several levels, but also the symbol of an era. We hope that the former servants of this tank, the former members of the French Cavalry, all those who at one time in their lives worked alongside it, the model makers, European modelers and, finally, that enthusiasts of French military history, will appreciate this work dedicated to an armored vehicle which will remain forever in the collective memory. 47 years after its entry into service within the prestigious 503rd Combat Fighter Regiment, the AMX 30 is still in action.


Format: Italian A4

Publication date: 2014

French language

Author: M.P. ROBINSON and J.CANY

Publisher: Editons CANY

Reference: EC48043

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