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» » » French heavy tank ARL44

French heavy tank ARL44

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High-end mockup all-metal of French heavy tank ARL 44 of 1950's in very limited edition. Built and paint model

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1 / 48th model assembled and painted in metal


Compatible with models from the Corgi, Solido, Verem, Hobby Master and Tamiya ranges


Char ARL (Rueil Construction Workshop) 44 (year of conception)
At the end of 1944 to assert its independence, France launched a tank program with a more than ambitious production of 500 armored vehicles to be produced at the rate of 50/70 tanks / month for 1945.
To accelerate the development, the B1 bis undercarriage is resumed, a shield equivalent to the Sherman is requested and a 75mm gun SA 32 is recommended.
In 1945, despite the fact that this new armored vehicle does not bring any real improvement to the equipment already available, it is decided to continue development to keep the know-how essential to future projects related to the industrial independence of France.
Improvements are decided, such as the armament with a 90mm SA 15 gun derived from a naval DCA gun and an increased armor 120mm on the frontal bow but no French engine being available, it is decided to mount the very reliable Maybach HL230 Tiger II.
The end of the hostilities renders the initial order of 500 tanks obsolete, limiting it now to 60 copies.
The first model is released in 1947 and after a long period of experimentation, which lasts until 1950, the material is not considered satisfactory, partly due to the industrial difficulties but still accepted with 10 tanks that parade on July 14, 1951 .
This armored vehicle admitted into service at the 503rd RCC was temporarily withdrawn from service in December 1951 and the program completely abandoned in 1952.
Despite all the problems, this transition tank has played its role as "experimenter" and will greatly benefit the following projects.


Impressive dimensions

Scale: 1/48th

L : 22 cm

l: 7.30 cm

H: 6.25 cm

Metal body

White metal tracks with articulated links

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