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» » » Master Fighter M24 Chaffee light tank Indochina war

Master Fighter M24 Chaffee light tank Indochina war

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US Light Tank M24 in French Indochina war Master Fighter miniature high-end collection with very realistic details, full equipments and historic markings on the scale 1/48

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M24 Chaffee light tank
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US light tank M24 Chaffee in French service 1er Régiment de Chasseurs à Cheval (RCC), Indochine 1953
Complet statique model built and painted with metal barrel gun
Item: MF48602
Scale: 1:48
Manufactor: Gaso.line / Master Fighter
Very high quality military model with all details, complete set of tools and equipments, respected dimensions, detail realists and historic markings.
Scale model with rubber tracks
Delivered in a high-end showcase box.
Compatible with, Corgi, Solido, Verem, Hobby Master and Tamiya range.


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The light tank M24 Chaffee was a light armored developed and manufactured by the United States to replace the tanks Stuat M3 / M5.
The development began in 1943 at Cadillac General Motors Corporation (GMC) and 15 October 1943, the first prototype was delivered with mass production which began in 1944.
A total of 4731 M24 out of the assembly lines until August, 1945.
This light armored kept a total weight less than 20 tons with a fairly weak armor but steep enough to deflect the shells.
The 75mm of reduced mass, derived from the model used on the G and H versions of the B-25 Mitchell bomber, had the same ballistics as the 75 mm M3 M4 Sherman, but employing different recoil mechanism.
M24 first arrived in Europe in December 1944 to participate in the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944.
This armored was much appreciated for its qualities off-road, its mechanical reliability and 75mm cannon that widely surpassed 37mm Stuart tanks both in HE antitank.
The French made use of the M24 during the Indochina war in infantry support missions, with good results. In December 1953 10 Chaffee were dismantled and transported by air to provide fire support to the garrison at Dien Bien Phu, where they fired about 15,000 shells.

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