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Review of Michael R on Military diecast Solido HUMVEE M1151 KFOR

miniature-model-diecast-Solido Military diecast Solido HUMVEE M1151 KFOR
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- Review added the Saturday 10 June 2023by Michael R

I have a lot of HUMVEE in 1/48 scale. All diecast. I have had to add simple pintle mounts in order to weaponize them, except for two which came with a TOW ATGM launcher. The TOW versions are in NWE camo, the rest in sand. None are the armored version. All required weathering.

This one is an armored version with everything on it. Painted for NWE and decals for the KFOR forces in Serbia (or that area anyway). This may be a USMC version or an updated US army version as I think it has the deep wading modifications the USMC have on their HUMVEE's. It too is a pristine collector's model and needs weathering and crew. At minimum a gunner.