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Review of Michael R on Military miniature Solido M1128 MGS STRYKER

SOLIDO-S4800201-M1128-MGS-Stryker-military-miniature Military miniature Solido M1128 MGS STRYKER
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- Review added the Monday 17 May 2021by Michael R

This and the sand kit are the same models just in a different color. Both appear well made and tough as steel - the usual with a Solido model. Real rubber wheels is a niche touch. The model has some touch up done - lights and the attached shovels and axes. The .50 cal M2HB machinegun is painted wrong though. It is in green instead of a steel and or blue steel color. It doesn't appear to move although the turret and gun do and was painted when the rest of the vehicle was done, then not included in the touch up.

The vehicle isn't weathered at all looking like it is freshly cleaned.

I plan on adding a NATO color scheme, touching up anything missed like the AA machinegun, and adding decals, weathering, and dirt. I am NOT a collector. I use these models in games and have done the same with all of my SOLIDO collection.