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Review of Peter H on Kit Gaso.line German MBT Leopard 2 A5/A6 1:48

Kit-Gaso.line-tank-Leopard-2-mbt-1/48 Kit Gaso.line German MBT Leopard 2 A5/A6 1:48
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- Review added the Wednesday 11 October 2023by Peter H

Having been told of issues with many of the Gaso-line cast resin kits, I wanted to try for myself. Unfortunately those issues are present in the Leopard tank. The turret is a solid resin casting with nice detail but the poor packaging ( particularly for a journey from Crane to Australia) has seen much of the surface detail scratched or chipped off.

The hull of the tank is in two pieces (top and bottom) and both are badly warped.

The smaller items such as wheels are highly detailed and well cast.

I would only recommend this kit to a modeller who has a good deal of experience with cast resin kits, particularly where significant warping is present in the main components